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When it comes to the UWS, I’m usually out of my depth.  I’m not in the area often enough to know which spots are good and which, more importantly, offer a great brunch deal.  That’s why when we met Shawn in his neighborhood for brunch last weekend, we had to follow his lead.  He introduced us to Cotta, which serves rustic Italian food that on weekends is paired with bottomless drinks for only $24.  I ordered the Brussels sprout pizza with pancetta, and parmesan.  It was amazing and I ate the whole thing.  That’s right; unlike Albert who generously shared his meatball pizza or Shawn who offered a bite of his smoked salmon eggs benny to everyone at the table, I ate my entire pizza by myself.  And you know what?  I don’t feel bad about it because it was delicious.

Terrible pic due to flash use and the fact that I had already devoured almost the entire pizza.  Sorry.

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