OddFellows Ice Cream

Happy 4th of July!  This holiday is all about being outside in the heat of summer.  Rather than sit in the air conditioning, I like to cool down with some frozen treats.  If you’re the same, you should check out my new favorite scoop shop, OddFellows.  Their first shop opened a year ago in Williamsburg and was written up in the city’s best dining blogs even during New York’s coldest months for their amazing flavors that often incorporate unexpected ingredients like miso or pink peppercorn.

I never made it to Williamsburg last summer and deeply regretted it.  Thankfully, in the year I wasted they opened a second location in my home borough of Manhattan – and on the east side, no less!  My Mom and I had spent all morning walking and were working up a sweat so we stopped in before heading to a movie on Saturday.  It’s a small place that brackets the new school flavors with an old time soda pop shop feel.

My Mom was going to order the s’mores but one taste test of the buttermilk blueberry honey and her mind was set.  I had a taste and even though the blueberries were mixed into the ice cream, they still tasted fresh picked – even popped in your mouth like blueberries are should.  I went with the Thai ice cream, which infuses Thai tea into the base.  Though it had a deep burnt orange color, it was very light, probably why I gravitated towards even though I am [typically] a sorbet lover.  I added a drizzle of salted caramel sauce to mine because whenever salted caramel is on a menu I MUST have it.

Now that I’ve had my first ice cream cone of the season, it finally feels like summer.