When we made plans with friends for a Monday night supper, they suggested their neighborhood since we rarely go there and restaurant week as a way to up the ante without throwing out too much money…and then we all ordered off the regular menu instead of the restaurant week one.  Best laid plans, right?

Isabella’s labels itself a Mediterranean restaurant, and I can kind of see it with the artichokes and calamari starters, but I would really classify this as Continental with enough items like crab and meat hash, a cheeseburger, and cod on the menu.  I, myself, went the more Continental route by ordering a wedge salad (thankfully not drenched in dressing) and the sweet pea ravioli.  There wasn’t much sauce so I felt the plate didn’t quite match the menu’s description, but I was still very pleased with what was in front of me.  I prefer my ravioli to have very little sauce because I actually want to taste the filling.  And don’t even try to give me ravioli that’s not packed with filling.  They are supposed to be like plump pillows – the kind that make you sleep like a baby, not the kind that give you a crick in the neck.  I was pleased with the amount of filling here so all was good.

The restaurant felt very Uptown.  And by that I mean we were easily the rowdiest Monday night crowd they’ve seen.  Most of the clientele looked established: sport coats, shift dresses, and scarves around the shoulders.  Still, it had a neighborhood vibe so we didn’t feel out of place.  Also, I was wearing Lily Pulitzer so I blended right in.

Tip: don’t feel like you have to do the restaurant week menu.  Sure, it sounds like a great deal: $38 for 3 courses – wow!  (nevermind that it used to be $34…) But if you’re not a dessert person or if the smaller special menu doesn’t really call to you, just order off the regular menu.  Two really good courses is always going to leave you more satisfied than three meh courses.  We were way happier with our selections this way and my whole meal came to $27 instead of $38.  This is a noteable difference when you’re also tacking on alcohol as my group is wont to do.