Monday Reads

  1. I used to get so so many bug bites when I was little.  My Mom said it was because I’m “just so sweet.”  I believed it for a while but in the end recognize that moms just love spewing that kind of B.S.  Here’s the real reason(s) mosquitos like some of us more than others.
  2. OxyContin is known to be an amazing pain reliever; however, it is often abused long after the healing is done.  The FDA has now approved a new form that is not addictive.  The catch: it only blocks the habit forming tendencies if it’s swallowed whole.  As soon as it’s crushed, the euphoric effects kick in.  It’s not perfect, but since so many abusers become addicted after using the drug for legitimate reasons (vs. actively seeking it out for a high), this could prevent misuse.
  3. At certain points in the year I work really weird hours, which makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.  A study now shows that you can get your circadian clock back on track with a few tweaks to your diet.
  4. Apple once led the music industry with iTunes, but that’s grown boring now that streaming services like Spotify are preferred.  They hope buying Beats will bring them back to the foreground.