Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter

The menu is small at Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter.  They’re pretty much telling you “get the fried chicken, dummy!…but in case you’re a vegetarian we got catfish, too.”  So that’s what Albert and I did.  We both ordered the fried chicken platter (only $11.50), which comes with three pieces of chicken, a biscuit, and some really good cole slaw (and I am picky picky about my cole slaw).  We also ordered sides (average $4) of mac and cheese and collards to split.  The mac was nice and creamy and the collards were good, though they could have used a teensy bit of vinegar (I still ate all of them).

The food is great and the prices are pretty cheap for such a large dinner.  But the best part was just a small little thing that most people probably won’t notice; and if they do, they may find it strange.  Before our meals arrived, the waitress brought a bottle of hot sauce and a bottle of honey to the table.  Albert, bless his heart, is a Yankee and was very confused by the honey.  The hot sauce can go on the chicken, the collards, pretty much anywhere…but what to do with the honey?  It’s great on biscuits, obviously, but that, my friends, is the condiment that will make your fried chicken better than it’s ever been.  You get sticky and crispy all at once.  If you don’t eat your fried chicken like this, you are missing out.  Just bringing honey to the table made Bobwhite one of the most authentic Southern spots in the city.