Fruit and Yogurt Dip

When it came to cooking for my last book club meeting, I just wasn’t havin it.  Oddly enough, I wasn’t even that busy; I just didn’t want to tie myself down to preparing a specific travel-well recipe for a group.  My solution was to open up one of my “easy” cookbooks.  Every recipe in this cookbook is easy, but at the beginning of each section, they give a list of extra easy “recipes”.  These are the ones that basically require zero effort but can sneakily make your meal more impressive.  It was here that I found fruit with yogurt dip.

All you do is add honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon to vanilla yogurt.  Stir it together and serve with fruit (I used pineapple and cantaloupe).  I used the 0% Tahitian vanilla Greek yogurt from Trader Joes so not only was this dip good, it was healthy.  And it was good.  One of the girls said it tasted “just like fall,” which is a yay! for me (pat on the back) but a wah 😦 for the reminder that cold weather is approaching.  Fruit plates, like crudité platters, are the go-to buffet staple when you want to add something healthy to your spread.  But plain fruit plates are boring.  Adding this yogurt is not.
The picture is capital T terrible because there were no lights on the roof where we were holding book club.  Sorry bout that.
before mixing in the honey