Monday Reads

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  1. Research shows that transgender children who take hormones to delay the onset of puberty (which would further transition them into the sex they do not wish to be) are more likely to be happy adults when they eventually undergo gender reassignment.
  2. Two weekends ago, a ton of New Yorkers participated in the People’s Climate March.  The march took place in advance of the UN General Assembly meeting for climate change.
  3. In a book club, you talk about books (and drink wine).  In a reading club, you just shut off all distractions and read in silence.  What’s the point?  Well, devoting time to reading improves their ability to concentrate, reduces stress levels, and deepens the ability to think, listen and empathize.
  4. The color of the packaging plays a major role in your grocery shopping.  Ever wonder why you gravitate towards that box of Cheerios?