While the boys were golfing before a wedding this past weekend, the girls went off to do our own thing.  We got our nails done, we did a little shopping, and we stopped at a really cute restaurant for lunch.  It was hard to choose a place to eat in the West Hartford area – everything looked so great – but Marisa had been to Bartaco and vouched for it.

We all ordered the lunch special, which came with three small tacos and salad for $10.  It was the perfect amount of food and there were still plenty of tacos to choose from so you don’t feel like they’re taking away your lunch freedom.  I went with the chorizo, pork belly, and baja fish varieties.  All were good, but my favorite was probably the pork belly, which had a slightly sweet glaze.  We washed it all down with some tasty (and strong) margaritas.

With white washed walls, Bartaco almost feels more like a surf lodge than a Mexican cantina.  They’ve also got that laid back, helpful, surfer dude mentality going for them, too.  At each table, there’s a box with a few sauces, menus (to order sushi-style), and card with their logo on it.  Instead of trying to hunt down the waitress, if you need anything, you just stick that card in its holder and she’ll come back to help you out.  It’s sort of like the stewardess buttons on airplanes.  It worked.  Our waitress came over immediately, with a smile on her face, and nobody was stressed about not feeling special.  You know what did feel special?  My tummy, after eating these yummy tacos.