Boulton and Watt

After Pickle Day Albert and I wandered til we found a good brunch spot, with the goal being bottomless brunch. Nothing jumped out at us until we got to the edge of the LES and saw Boulton and Watt, a spot we had each been to a couple times and enjoyed as a bar. But now we were in broad daylight and unsure if it would work as a place to eat.

Not only did they have food, they had a large, thoughtful menu and were doing a booming business. What I thought was a bar first and restaurant second may actually be the other way around. It also kept with the pickle theme as they feature tons of pickled veggies as snacks and a few different pickleback versions. We’d been pickling it up all day so we decided to chill and just order normal brunch. Albert ordered the full English breakfast, which came with two eggs, house-made pork sausage, bacon, stewed beans, wild mushrooms, and a hash brown cake. Tons of food for $16. I ordered the braised short rib and bone marrow benedict, which was served on a hunk of country bread instead of english muffins. It was delicious. Though I was feeling carnivorous that day, I was still impressed to see plenty of inventive vegetarian options on the menu like a cauliflower souffle, fried oyster omelette, and frittata with goat cheese, braised leeks, and wild mushrooms. We didn’t end up finding a bottomless brunch deal, but the cocktails were only $5. Typically a bottomless deal may work out to $10-$15 on top of the entree price and though you may end up drinking more than two or three, they won’t be as strong as the drinks here. The mimosa, for instance, includes gin so your $5 will get you pretty far.

boulton and watt