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30 Before 30: #30 – Redesign the Blog

I had the hardest time choosing the last item on my 30 Before 30 list.  I thought I had come up with an exhaustive bucket list that stopped after 29 items.  But, really, that’s not true.  There had been a little voice in my head all along saying “just do it.  doooo it.”  The “it” the voice was referring to was redesigning my blog.

I knew I could make my blog better.  There was more I could say and a better way I could say it.  There was also the small hope that maybe I could really earn myself a following – dream big – who knows, right?!

I ignored the voice when I wrote down the first five items on my 30 Before 30 list.  I continued to ignore it for the next ten and for the 14 after that.  It was too much work, I told myself.  And it costs money.  And you can only rebrand yourself once before turning people off.  Excuse after excuse.  But the voice persisted and eventually I found myself filling in item number 30 on the Google Spreadsheet I used to keep track of my list.

Let’s do this.

Step 1: Come up with a new name.  It had to be something good.  Something me.  Something that maybe mentions food but doesn’t say “I am a food blog” since the goal was to turn this into a lifestyle site with a focus on food.  After polling many friends, I finally decided on Peaches to Apples.  This name is not an accident.  It connotes food, but doesn’t expressly say it’s about cooking or restuarants.  It’s just abstract enough.  That “to” is also very purposeful.  Like “A to Z” or “soup to nuts,” it indicates the content falls on a spectrum.  We cover restaurants to books.  Cooking to fashion.  That “to” also indicates a journey.  I am most influenced by my personal journey from Georgia to New York.  Georgia happens to be the Peach State and NYC is the Big Apple, so now we’ve come full circle.

Step 2: Bite the bullet and buy a domain.  Once I chose a name, I purchased it through WordPress for just $18/year.  Now it was official.  The site was out there so I had to do something with it.

Step 3: Organize all my content.  I first had to transfer all my old blog entries to this platform and re-format everything.  Then, I spent a lot of time figuring out how I wanted everything to live on the site.  I also spent considerable time thinking up new content to feature and how to tie it into my overarching theme.  Finally, I worked on a longer-range business plan.

Step 4: Launch!  This is the scary part.  I feel like I just started at a new school and I’m standing in the cafeteria trying to find a seat, all the while knowing I’m being judged by the other students.

Hopefully you like what I’ve done here.  If so, spread the word!

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