3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

I am so excited to be heading to Athens tomorrow!  Last year was the first time I didn’t make it to the stadium since my junior year of high school and I felt it.  I am ready to be back in The Classic City and Between the Hedges!  In the meantime, I’ve had some fun events to tide me over.

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  1. Last Thursday a group of us decided to “wig out.”  Someone arranged for the private room and a family style menu at Bo’s restaurant and we all arrived in wigs.  I kinda loved being a platinum blonde for a night and may have to incorporate this wig into my 2015 Halloween costume.
  2. When Viacom came to our offices on Thursday to show off their new programming, they brought Jim Gaffigan, who has a show premiering on TV Land.  He did a quick stand up act, which meant I got to hear him say his famous “hot pocket” line.
  3. On Saturday night I went to a comedy show at the Beacon Theater.  It is such a gorgeous venue!

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