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Thoughts On…Duality (My Response)

Ever feel like you need to get something off your chest?  Sometimes I’ve just gotta talk it out.  That’s why I’ve decided to do a monthly feature called “Thoughts On…”  At the beginning of the month, I’ll provide a prompt to stimulate discussion.  The point is to get us to put our thoughts out there – writing it all down can be quite cathartic.  If you want to keep your writing private, that’s your thing and I won’t question it.  If you’re ready to put it all out there, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.  At the end of the month I’ll provide my own thoughts on the topic of the month.  Think of it as a book club for writing.

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Earlier this month I got to thinking about duality

I get it.  It can be annoying that I often take a “whatever you want” stance, but the problem is that so often I really, truly can see the benefit of both options on the table. And if I say I don’t care, it means I don’t care.  It’s not one of those girl moves where I say I don’t care when I really do and then get mad about it later.  The most important thing to me is not making waves.  I’m not being indecisive; I’m just not always asserting myself.  In the grand scheme of things, I don’t really care if we have Mexican or sushi for supper.  And if we you don’t dress up for Halloween, I’m not going to be devastated.  Plus, I think I would be obnoxious if I was in-your-face assertive allll the time.  I’d rather save my voice for the times it matters; because here’s the thing: when it’s something I really care about, I will take a stand.  I will make sure I am heard.  I will make it known that it’s not an option to not hang out with my family.  I honor commitments so if we’ve made plans with friends or RSVPd to a party, you’ll know I don’t think it’s ok to bail.

It may frustrate Albert from time to time, but overall I am happy to own this Gemini trait.  Life is not set in stone so it’s important to be flexible.  It’s important to put your foot down for the things you care most about, and I think I’ve got that covered.  The other stuff?  That’s small potatoes, and I’m happy to allow myself to be swayed.


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