3 on Thursday

In the two weeks before the holiday break, I only have one night free.  I love all of the fun plans, but it is exhausting to have something every.  single.  night.  I’ve been so busy that I wasn’t even able to post to this site yesterday.  I’ve started leaving early and passing on the alcohol at some of the events because I just can’t sustain that lifestyle for 14 days straight.  Making those sorts of adult decisions means I got a really good night of sleep last night so I feel refreshed enough to take on the rest of the holiday season.

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  1. Matt and Karina’s dish towels perfectly illustrate the melding of North and South that goes on in that apartment.
  2. My friend Hart is getting married in May and his save the date is ridiculously amazing.  People shouldn’t even try sending save the dates anymore because none will live up to this one.
  3. Rolf’s is the place to be in New York during the holiday season.  The whole place gets so decked out with ornaments, lights, and branches that you feel like you’re standing inside a Christmas tree.  Drinking egg nog in that place is about as festive as anything gets.