Monday Reads

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  1. It’s hard to think about a night out at the bars that doesn’t include alcohol, but that’s exactly what Brillig Dry Bar created. And I think it looks awesome.
  2. If you use lemon zest or juice to flavor a dish, do you realize you could be reducing salt by 75%? That’s a small and very tasty change with really healthy results.
  3. There was a hostage situation in Sydney, Australia today. While people tried to get out of the area, Uber instituted one of their surge fares of four times the typical rate. Under normal circumstances, surge pricing is fine. You’re not required to take Uber and are free to try your hand at other forms of transportation (after all, Uber’s only been around for a few years). In this instance, however, Uber should probably not have done anything to make it more difficult when lives are at stake.
  4. If someone deserves to be behind bars, they deserve to be there…that said, it’s interesting to see just how expensive juvenile incarceration is.