Pizza Rock

We had a nice little dialogue going with our waiter from Aquaknox on our second to last night in Vegas.  He seemed like a cool dude so my Bub and I decide to ply him for information.  He and I would be on our own for supper on our last night in Sin City and we wanted to know where the locals went.  We were planning to hit up Downtown Vegas so we were looking for something in that area, if possible.

Our waiter claimed we had to go to Pizza Rock – just about his favorite pizza spot ever and definitely his Vegas fave.  When our cab driver confirmed it and told us about the restaurant’s awards, we knew we had to go.  I had no idea there was a World Pizza Cup, but there is and the chef here took home the top prize.  HOW DO I GET TO BECOME A JUDGE AT THIS COMPETITION????

The menu is huge and divided by pizza style.  There’s Napoletana for a lightly charred crust and American for medium crust.  There’s also New York/New Haven, Chicago, Sicilian, California, and Classic Italian varieties.  They attain the different crust textures via their four different ovens so they’re not attempting a thin crust in a oven with thick crust temperatures, know what I mean?  No square pegs in round holes here.

Bub and I had the same idea for the crust we wanted and Napoletana fit the bill so we decided to split the Quatro Carne.  It’s made with hand crushed tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula, sweety drop peppers, fromage blanc, and then a different meat on each pizza quadrant (sopressata picante, hot coppa, molinari salami, and prosciutto).  The meat is cured so it’s a little salty and then those peppers are like sweet little grapes – they just pop pop pop in your mouth.  It was a great pizza and one of the few times I’ve thought, “yup, these are all the toppings I need.”

pizza rock