Movies for the Foodies

If you’re into food and cooking, you want to experience that passion in every way possible.  You want to taste it and read about it.  I’m also guessing you want to watch it.  There are plenty of movies out there for people who, like me, are obsessed with food.  Here (in no particular order) are my top picks.


  1. Chef: I absolutely loved this movie.  Jon Favreau’s Carl Casper goes a little crazy after being told to cook food he didn’t care about and getting a bad review.  His breakdown leads him to rediscover what it is that really makes him happy.
  2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi: This movie redefines the word passion.  No one has cared about anything the way this man cares about sushi and it is so perfectly showcased in this simple documentary.
  3. The Hundred Foot Journey: The new and old school collide in this film about a family who flees their native India to France and opens up a vibrant restaurant just 100 feet away from a subdued, classic, Michelin-starred establishment.
  4. Somm: If you like food, you probably like wine.  I couldn’t believe what it takes to become a Master Sommelier, and this documentary walks you through the intense process.
  5. Simply Irresistable: This one may be a cheesy romantic movie, but I love how the costumes and set design almost make you dizzy.  The moans of delight as each food item is tasted will make you drool.
  6. The Lunchbox: On my Mom’s annual solo-trips to NYC, we always like to take advantage of the small indie theaters, and this Indian film was last summer’s pick.  A woman tries to reinvigorate her marriage by upping her cooking game, but the lunchbox is intercepted by a lonely man and a friendship between the two grows, proving food is capable of forging deep connections.
  7. Ratatouille: This animated film will awaken the chef in any child…or any child at heart.  I borrowed Lindsay’s copy and refuse to give it back.