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Moishe’s Bake Shop

I’ve often passed Moishe’s Bake Shop on my East Village walks/runs but my timing must have been terrible because it was usually closed so I never got to try it.  Yesterday, however, was the first day that the weather was Spring-like.  Actually…that may be stretching it a bit.  I was still wearing a wool coat and gloves, but that means I wasn’t wearing a knee-length down sleeping bag.  It’s a win in my book.  Because weather in the 40s meant we could actually walk around without going numb, it was the perfect opportunity to take a stroll.

This bakery looks completely unchanged since opening in the 70s, and my guess is they’ve probably got the same old Jewish grandma in the back cranking out the baked goods.  Being Purim, everyone wanted hamentashen, and I was no exception.  They actually proved to be [probably] the best hamentashen I’ve ever had.

The East Village has turned into the epitome of cool, but Moishe’s is the exact opposite.  Nothing here has changed with the times and I hope it stays that way.

moishe's1 moishe's2 moishe's3

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