3 on Thursday

It’s Thursday and I’m finally starting to get over the sadness I always feel after my parents leave.  That’s because I’m now only nine weeks away from their next visit!  With lots of weddings (including one where I’ll be with them) in the middle, the time will fly by.  This visit felt particularly short since I had to work on Friday, but we managed to pack in lots of activities.  It’s amazing how my parents have been here so many times, but we still manage to find new experiences.

3 on thurs1

I love the packaging for this sparkling lemonade.

3 on thurs2

My parents and I saw a great new musical over the weekend.  “Something Rotten!” is still in previews so we saw their 6th-ever performance.  It takes place during the Renaissance as two brothers try to break out of Shakespeare’s (who is portrayed as a rock star) shadow by writing the first ever musical.  The cast was great and the show was just plain fun.

3 on thurs3

When we had a few minutes between brunch and my parents’ flight, we stopped into the USA Memory Championship.  It was totally random, but I was intrigued.  We got to watch the mental athletes prep for one of their tasks: memorizing the order of a deck of cards.  It wasn’t my typical Sunday activity, but that was exactly why I liked it.