3 on Thursday

I am so glad we are more than half way done with Passover!  You know I love my food, so having so many dietary restrictions is tough for me.

3 on thurs1

Who says romance is dead?  I arrived home to these flowers on Tuesday night.  When I texted Albert, who was at the gym, to find out why they had mysteriously appeared, he said “Because it’s date night!”  Since we started dating, we always had a Tuesday night date night.  It was our excuse to hang out during the week instead of just the weekends.  We would watch New Girl and I would cook a special meal or order fun takeout.  When Albert moved in, I was worried this tradition we’ve built over the last two years would fade away, but it looks like we’re keeping it alive.  I’ve got a good one!

3 on thurs2

When I sent out my email invite for Passover, Albert made a joke that he and Kathleen would be chillin in the Catholic corner…so I played into it and made their section of the table the official Catholic Corner.  It was very important for me to maintain the Passover seder tradition and part of that is being inclusive of friends/boyfriends of other religions.  It’s all about being inclusive and bringing some levity to the situation.

3 on thurs3

Last night I got a much-needed massage at the Four Seasons.  It was my first time there and thought the lobby was so grand.  As beautiful as it was, I forgot about all that (and everything else) after my massage.  After three nights of poor sleep, I finally slept like a baby.  I am all rejuvenated today!