3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

After a one weekend break in the city, I’m back on the wedding train.  I’m excited that at this weekend’s event, I’ll get to see my whole family.

3 on thurs1

I recently participated in a spin class at Crunch called #TotalRequestRide.  First of all, if you don’t get the Total Request Live (RIP), aka TRL, reference…that makes me sad…and old.  Basically, you tweet at @CrunchGym during the week and request a music video.  They plan the class around the videos and the spinning (hills, sprints) is tied to the beat.  I figured if I made a request I’d be locked into actually going to the gym and it worked.  I was so pumped when they played my request!  I’m not opposed to Soul Cycle, but with classes like this included in my membership, I don’t really feel the need to go elsewhere.

3 on thurs2

Albert and I recently got an Apple TV (they’re cheaper than they used to be) and I am a HUGE fan.  I also switched over to Netflix streaming from the DVD plan (I know, years later than everyone else).  I feel like I have tons of options with this device.  Beyond the day-to-day, it works with my iPad for movies, music, and photos so parties at my place are about to get way better.

3 on thurs3

For Lindsay’s bday, I got us both tickets to “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”  We had both wanted to see it for a long time and her birthday was a great excuse.  We saw it on Darren Criss’ 2nd night and he was amazing.  I had no idea that this was practically a one man show and he rocked out all night long.  The concept is a little out there (a transgender rocker from East Germany who moves to the US after a botched sex change operation), but that’s what makes it extra fun.

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