Ted’s Corner Tavern

When Third and Long closed abruptly, I mourned the loss of a pub that was a great place to watch Rangers games.  The space stayed empty for months until, finally, signs of life began to reappear.  When Ted’s Corner Tavern emerged, it was entirely different from its predecessor.  It was nicer, with a marble topped bar and cute signs on the 30 beer taps.  There were also large flower arrangements, tufted banquettes, and a Mediterranean menu.  No one seemed to know what to make of the place that was so decidedly different from the divier sports bar of before, so it took a while to catch on in the neighborhood.

Ted’s has since gained a nice crowd of Murray Hill folks who want something a little nicer than the fratty bars of the area.  But the key is that it feels nice not fancy .  The bartenders are friendly and there are portraits of famous Teds, including Teddy Ruxbin, on the walls to keep it tongue in cheek.  I have long wanted to find a neighborhood bar where I could be a regular and I made the decision that THIS should be my spot.  What an honor for Ted’s, right?!

The key to becoming a regular is going during the week and not just on the weekends.  Ted’s is the perfect place for a weeknight drink thanks to their great Monday through Wednesday specials.  On Monday, they have $10 cheese plates and 1/2 price bottles of wine.  Tuesdays are for $5 whiskey and games like Scrabble and Cards Against Humanity.  Wednesdays have $10 beer flights and $10 charcuterie platters.  Those are some pretty sweet deals.  Hopefully, I’m well on my way to making Ted’s a place where everybody knows my name.

Olives, cheese plate (pretty big for $10!), and peppery beef jerky.
Olives, cheese plate (pretty big for $10!), and peppery beef jerky.

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