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30 Before 30: #13 – Keep a Diary

I have tried many a time to keep a diary, or a journal as the more mature call it.  But every time, I give up after a short while.  This blog became my outlet, but it’s not a place for me to share deeply personal thoughts.  The thing is, I even feel strange sharing the super personal stuff with a diary.  But why does it have to be so personal?  I recently started reading Andy Cohen’s second book that is basically a diary – a year in his life.  Does he get really introspective?  No.  But it showed me that a record of the seemingly mundane can be interesting when you go back and look at it later.

It was only in May when I vowed to keep my own diary.  If you’re doing the math that means I added this to the list when the 30 Before 30 project was supposed to be pretty much completed.  But it replaced an item I was never that jazzed about anyway.  I’m cool with this last minute change so you should be too.

As with most things, it took something cute and preppy to motivate me to get started with this one.  If I was going to write every day, I would need to be doing it in something cute.  I went to May Designs to get myself a cute notebook and once this one is filled I’ll get to design a whole new one.  Knowing I get to crack open this adorable little guy gets me excited to write.  And the prospect of getting to pick out a new one inspires me to write on the daily so I can fill it up.  I can’t wait to look back and see what I was doing/thinking/feeling as I jumped into my 30s.



Date of Completion: 5/27/15

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