Miss Lily’s 7A

I was so upset when the 7A, the 24 hour East Village diner, closed.  I spent many a late night there and thought the area was losing a gem.  But then it re-opened as Miss Lily’s 7A, the eastside location of the popular Jamaican spot and my frown turned upside down.

Because I snacked a lot during happy hour, I focused on sides and then sampled everybody else’s food.  Because there are so few Jamaican places in the city, I wanted to taste as much as possible.  I particularly liked the jerk pork and the callaloo, a mix of kale and collards.  Most of the food is on the heavy side, but they have a few items, like fish tacos and jerk chicken topped salad to please even those looking for lighter fare without losing the Caribbean flair.  One of the things I loved about the old 7A was that it was lively, even at 3 AM.  Here, the bright decor and rum cocktails make for a fun atmosphere so that energy has not been lost.

miss lilys1 miss lilys2