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Gemma is one of those restaurants everyone suggests for dinner when friends are in town.  They have great pizzas and pastas for sharing so it’s good for groups.  The atmosphere, like the Bowery Hotel it’s attached to, is old-world beautiful and [as my brother put it] feels like you’re in a Wes Anderson movie.  Despite its status as a go-to restaurant, I’ve never been.  Since Mark and Allison were staying at the Bowery Hotel on my birthday weekend, it seemed like the perfect place to go for brunch when we were trying to get food without much running around.

Now that I’ve been, I would be happy to call this a go-to of my own in the future.  My baked eggs with prosciutto and avocado were so good that I announced to the table I needed to buy a cast iron skillet to re-create the dish.  Little did I know, both Albert AND Mark and Allison had bought me that very item as part of my birthday present.  They laughed to themselves with the knowledge of the gifts I would later open.

gemma1 gemma2 gemma3

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