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Sweet Chick

Yesterday was drizzly and blah so Albert and I decided to go on a Sunday adventure, which really just means trying a new restaurant in a different neighborhood instead of going to an old standby.  We wound up  at Sweet Chick because I suddenly remembered they were famous for chicken and waffles and I could think of few things I wanted more than chicken and waffles.

The decor is rustic and homey, just like the food.  I, of course, went with the chicken and waffles, which came with three types of butters (lemon, berry, and herb) as well as syrup and hot sauce.  As far as chicken and waffles go, this was great.  Nice crispy skin on the chicken and fluffy waffles – pretty much all you could want.  Albert ordered the smoked pork hash with poached egg and I may have liked it even better than my chicken and waffles.  Did I just say I may have liked a brunch dish more than chicken and waffles?  What’s happening to me?  We also got maple bacon as a side. You could tell the bacon was great, but there was just a bit too much syrup on there for me to truly enjoy it.  Now I know to just order the regular house cured bacon next time so I consider this just a minor slip-up.  At an average of $12.50 per brunch entree, the prices are very reasonable so we can have a dellicious Southern skewing brunch every weekend (heaven help my waistline).

image image image image

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