PSA: Stick With Me Sweets

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

The truffles at Stick With Me Sweets are perfect little domes with a gorgeous bit of color brushed across the top.  When you see them lined up next to each other, they are truly beautiful.  They even taste beautiful.  The chocolate is velvety, the flavors perfectly balanced and use just enough restraint.

I tried the macha green tea, black sesame passionfruit, carmelized banana, and liquid salted caramel.  I loved the banana…no the macha…no the black sesame.  Ugh!  They’re all so wonderful and seem to each be made with such TLC.  Each one I tried was unique, but the black sesame passionfruit was unlike anything I’ve ever had.  The sesame was savory, but then the passionfruit popped in with its sweet tartness and for a crazy unique combo.

I also got a wonderful caramel chew in a coffee flavor.  I held back on the chocolate covered krispy treats and whoopie pies because I didn’t want to go crazy.  I wanted to appreciate such quality chocolate.  Everything here is small batch and it shows.  There is such attention to detail from the lovely packaging (sophisticated with a bit of whimsy in the font) to the ice pack they offered me when they found out I wouldn’t be eating my chocolates right away.  It was torture waiting to eat them, but when I finally did, I sunk into my couch and closed my eyes…mmmmmmmmm.

stick with me sweets1 stick with me sweets2 stick with me sweets3