Vino Tapa

It was hard to miss the bright red wall that popped up or the giant bull that was painted on top of it a few months ago.  I first noticed it on my walk home from the grocery store, but my desire to try it increased dramatically when my favorite neighborhood wine bar, Terroir, closed its doors.  Now there was room for a new wine bar in my life and I was eager to try the brightly colored spot.

I love when a happy hour goes beyond 7 pm.  I am a working gal and can’t usually make it to a bar with enough time to take advantage of the specials when they end at 7.  Vino Tapa‘s happy hour ($5 drinks) lasts until 8 pm so I’ve got plenty of time to enjoy.  On the weekend, when I happened to try it, the happy hour starts as soon as the place opens (instead of the weekday 5 pm start time) so we we able to enjoy cheap post-brunch cocktails on Saturday.  In addition to our drinks, we ordered a meat and cheese plate.  I was very good so now I’m interested in trying the other menu items.  Vino Tapa is located on a beautiful, tree-lined Murray Hill street so it’s a great place to sip on a glass of wine outside during this gorgeous weather we’re having.  As it gets cooler, however, it has that dark Spanish vibe inside that will be great for cozying up.

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