Book Review: Primates of Park Avenue

Wednesday Martin’s memoir about life as an Upper East Side mommy made waves across Manhattan and the nation.  She was an inhabitant of the trendy West Village until she and her husband decided to make the pilgrimage uptown to raise their son, where it is more conservative and label conscious.  Martin feels utterly out of place and snubbed by her fellow moms.  All she wants is a playdate for her son, for crying out loud!

As she gains her footing, she decides to do what she does best: observe.  This is an anthropological study (and written as such) of the behaviors and rituals of Upper East Side women, a tribe of their own.  Though it is just a few miles north of her previous downtown address, the social agenda is wildly different.  Martin notes handbag hierarchy, real estate strategy, and the value of nursery school.  There is extreme wealth all over Manhattan, but Upper East Side rich is apparently it’s own animal.

5 out of 5 stars.

primates of park avenue