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Book Review: Sharp Objects

Most people say “Sharp Objects” is their least favorite out Gillian Flynn’s novels.  I disagree.  This twisted book could be Gillian Flynn’s best work.  Sure there’s a surprise, but not the numerous twists and turns of “Gone Girl” or even “Dark Places.”  It doesn’t need them.  It will hook you with it’s eeriness and may be the perfect book to read this Halloween season.

Camille Preaker is reticent to return to her tiny hometown but, as a reporter, it’s her job to investigate some peculiar murders and she is the only one with an “in” with the folks of insulated Wind Gap.  It has been nearly a decade since Camille has been home and it doesn’t take long to remember why.  Her mother does not love her and has driven her to the brink of insanity, secretly cutting herself to escape the pain of her past.  It is difficult for her to confront her memories, but she soon begins to latch onto something real.  As she learns more about the town’s residents, including her own half sister, who is far too mature for her 13 years, she suspects a local has committed these disturbing crimes.

5 out of 5 stars.

sharp objects

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