3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

This last week and a half was crazy!  Matt and Karina had a baby (Leo Miguel), I went to Athens, and it’s finally full-blown fall mode.  Since I spent about 5 hours in wet jeans after the UGA game, I am now dealing with some fun sinus drainage so I am thankful I have nothing planned after work this week.

3 on thurs1

New York finally has its first Chick-fil-A!  Even better: it’s on my street, just a few avenues over.  This is life-changing.  The folks at Chick-fil-A were kind enough to host a special event for UGA alumni two days before the opening.  We sold all 500 tickets in 15 minutes, and I’m sure none of them were disappointed.  They had arranged for a live band, a hype guy, and all the Chick-fil-A we could eat.  Hairy Dawg even made an appearance!  That’s enough of a celeb sighting to get me starstruck.

3 on thurs2

Konter selfie in the stands when it was just raining, not pouring like it would be only a few minutes later.  We run section 129!

3 on thurs3

I managed to pack pretty perfectly for this trip – nice and light…except I forgot pajamas.  I had thought to bring an extra tshirt but no bottoms.  Needless to say, my first night in the hotel wasn’t super comfortable.  For night number two, I bought a pair of pajama pants in downtown Athens.  It was not a purchase I intended to make, but I’m glad I did.  I can’t believe I thought I was living before I owned these.  I needed a pair of pjs with the Georgia G on them.

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