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UrbanSpace Vanderbilt

Food halls are all the rage right now.  They’re big in NYC and I’m hearing my Atlanta friends rave about their new hot spots as well.  Let’s call it what it is: a food court.  The only differences are theat the food court itself is not attached to a mall and the restaurants are trendy instead of trashy.

The newest food hall in New York, UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, happens to be near my apartment.  Instead of Sbarro’s, this place has Roberta’s for pizza.  In the place of Panda Express, there’s Bangkok Bar.  Auntie Anne’s is replaced by Sigmunds Pretzels and Chick-fil-A gets fancied up at Delaney’s Chicken.  All in all there are 21 vendors in the place and each one offers great Midtown eats.  Who wouldn’t want fresh shucked oysters and a glass of vino before hopping on a train at Grand Central?

Albert and I tried to sample several vendors, but we’ll definitely need another few stops to try everything.  We started with pizza from Robertas (always get the bee sting with sopressata and honey) and followed that up with a double decker broccoli taco from No. 7 Veggie.  I’ve always been amazed by how the folks at No. 7 can take something vegetarian and make me forget I’m not eating meat.  This taco is packed with shredded broc, feta, fried shallots, and a layer of black bean hummus between the hard and soft taco shells.  After that it was time to hit up Red Hook Lobster Pound because it’s October and I would consider it a miss not to get oysters when it’s a month ending in R.  We also got a Connecticut style lobster roll to share because we can’t admit Summer is over.

With so many quality vendors, there is definitely something for everyone here…so why wouldn’t you check it out?!

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