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Chicken Sausage Pasta with Lemon, Chive, and Feta

Oh, chicken sausage.  What would I do without you and your ability to bring together a quick and easy meal?!

This time I paired sundried tomato and garlic sausage with Trader Joe’s spinach and chive pasta.  The great thing about these flavored pastas from Trader Joe’s is that you can actually taste the herbs and flavors – it’s not just cute packaging.  And those flavors really add to the dish so if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s, just use regular linguine and add chives.  While the pasta is cooking, slice and warm your chicken sausage.  When both are ready, toss together along with olive oil and lemon juice or zest.  I actually found this great already mixed Greek olive oil and lemon dressing at Trader Joe’s and used that.  Man, that Trader Joe was really workin hard for me with this meal.  Finally, toss in some crumbled feta.

Not everybody loooves feta; my beau is one of those people.  He left it out and still had two helpings so don’t worry if your home is feta-free.  For those who don’t mind feta, I would definitely keep it in the dish as it goes so well with the lemon and sundried tomato flavors.  Have you jumped on this chicken sausage band wagon yet?  Maybe I’m the only one on board, but you should def join me.  It made life so easy – I cooked the whole meal while my beau showered after the gym.  Which reminds me, I should stop eating all this pasta and work out….

chicken sausage pasta with lemon, chive, and feta

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