Not Your Father’s Root Beer Floats

Over the summer, my beau and I were in Connecticut for a birthday party.  We brought the typical Bud Lights with us, but one of Albert’s friends showed up with something extra special: Not Your Father’s Root Beer.  Basically, it’s alcoholic root beer.  I know…right?!

Though it’s 6% ABV, it doesn’t taste alcoholic at all (danger, Will Robinson) so they’re quite easy to sip on.  I was a HUGE fan of root beer growing up, specifically the IBC brand.  Part of it was the taste; part of it was the fact that it came in a glass bottle while Coke was increasingly moving towards plastic/cans.  Not Your Father’s Root Beer takes me back to my youth, this time with a boozy bonus.

Since it’s sweet and on the heavier side, compared to what I usually drink, I thought it would b best to turn this into dessert.  ROOT BEER FLOAT TIME.  Simply place one scoop of ice cream in a pint glass and pour the Not Your Father’s Root Beer on top.  Serve with a fun straw.

When it comes to ice cream flavors, you can go with original vanilla…or you can jack it up with flavors like butter pecan or salted caramel.  Here in NYC you can get yummy dummy Ample Hills Creamery ice cream.  It’s so good.  It’s also $10/pint.  Yeaaaa didn’t realize that til they rung up BOTH of my pints.  Oops.  Oh well – it was a fun splurge and they have some unique flavors.  I went with Sweet as Honey (sweet cream ice cream with pieces of homemade honeycomb candy) and Salted Crack Caramel (salted butter caramel ice cream with Deb’s Famous Crack Cookies: saltine crackers coated with butter, sugar, and chocolate).  Both ice creams worked well with the molasses and spice flavor of the root beer.

I drank my float alone at home (that’s so depressing to type out), but this would be a great dessert for guests.  It’s a fun throwback that’s also super easy to make for a crowd.

root beer float1 root beer float2 root beer float3