Grabbing a Drink with…

The best way to get to know someone is over a cocktail.  Learn all about some of our favorite folks via the Peaches to Apples questionnaire.

grabbing a drink with - albert

In this first installment of “Grabbing a Drink with…”, I caught up with Albert Otto Neudeck IV, my very own boyfriend (yes, he’s real!).  My beau is regularly mentioned on the blog, so I thought it was high time you got to know him better.   Albert has worked in the advertising industry for about 7 years, previously on the agency side and now in ad sales, currently at USA Today.

We decided to do our little interview at the airport bar in the Delta Terminal of LGA.  It’s not swanky, and you would certainly not chooooose to go to the airport for a drink, but it was there and so were we.  Turns out the food was not terrible.

  1. What are you drinking right now? Full Sail Session lager
  2. What dish is your specialty? Mac and cheese with hot dogs in it
  3. What tv show should we binge when we’re hungover this weekend?  Spin City because I like Michael J. Fox and it made me want to get into politics…which I never did.
  4. What is your favorite restaurant?  It’s a tie between Corner Bistro and Knickerbocker’s because of the good food and good memories.
  5. What is your favorite smell?  I like the smell of new socks, fresh cut grass, Christmas trees, and the air in South Bend Indiana.
  6. If you could have anyone, who would be your dream sous-chef?  The rat from Ratatouille
  7. What is your favorite holiday?  I think Thanksgiving because it’s kicking off the holiday season. Everyone’s happy, you’ve got that good food, and there’s a lot of good traditions with friends, like watching Notre Dame on Saturday.
  8. Sweet or savory?  Sour
  9. What is the one book you want to loan everyone, but you won’t because it has a permanent spot on your bookshelf?  “Wins, Losses, and Lessons” by Lou Holtz. There are some really good life quotes in there.
  10. Wildcard Question: Since we’re sitting in an airport, getting ready to go on a trip, what destination is number one on your travel list?  Seoul, South Korea so I can visit my buddy Alex and finally get him off my back about never going to see him.