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Honey Buffalo Meatballs

The size of these meatballs dictates whether they are an app or a main.  I made larger ones and served them with mashed potatoes so they were a main dish for me this weekend, but if you make them smaller and stick some toothpicks in them, you could make yourself a nice lil party platter.

I followed this recipe and it came out close to perfect.  I recommend adding the milk slowly so you can tell how much you need – depending on the fat content of your meat, you may need less than the recipe calls for.  Nobody wants watery balls.  [You may now commence all Shweddy Balls SNL impressions.]

These may use jam, but buffalo sauce makes them way more interesting than the typical sweet and sour meatballs your guests are used to.  If your crew is into wings, they’ll love this sweet and spicy take – and feel free to use ground turkey or chicken to really get that wing vibe without the unhealthy fried skin.

honey buffalo meatballs1honey buffalo meatballs2

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