Book Review: Ugly Girls

Lindsay Hunter’s debut novel is a look at the tragic trajectory of trailer trash.  (Apologies for that serious alliteration.)  Perry and Baby Girl are best friends, not because they like each other all that much, but because they offer a distraction.  They’re not staying up all night giggling on the phone about boys and other teenage things; they’re getting home just in time to shower for school after a night joyriding in stolen cars.

They aren’t quite bitter at the world, but they have just about given up caring.  When they finally allow themselves to hope, it comes at the onset of attention from a boy on Facebook.  When Perry and Baby Girl lack even caring family members, the “ooooh baby”s are very appealing.  The girls are hardened and loyal.  One way or another, sharing attention from a man will have disastrous results, either for him or each other.

This book was grimy.  Even while hoping a character won’t seep deeper into their sad life, you recognize they have a dark core.  You’re almost rooting for them while also recognizing the world wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.

3 out of 5 stars.

ugly girls