Salad with Salmon, Peas, and Rice

After a tough workout I usually want a supper that’s literally thrown together.  My favorite way to do this is by making what my Mom and I have long called the Kitchen Sink Salad.  The ingredients change every time, based on what’s lying around.

This week’s version included some new ingredients so I felt it was worth it to throw it up on the blog as an actual recipe:

  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Peas
  • Brown Rice (I had a Birds Eye Steamfresh bag in the freezer)
  • Salmon (I baked mine for 20-25 min at 425 with a roasted red pepper and eggplant spread from Trader Joes, but any treatment would work – lemon pepper, dill, you name it)
  • Yogurt Blue Cheese Dressing (These yogurt dressings from Bolthouse Farms are pretty legit.  Great flavors and not bad for you – I didn’t want to feel like I ruined my workout, but I also felt I deserved to feel satisfied flavor-wise after working hard on the treadmill.)

The biggest takeaway was that peas and brown rice are a pretty awesome salad addition.  Texture hits a new level and it adds both sweetness (from the peas) and nuttiness (from the brown rice).  I always have a bag of peas in the freezer because they take about 30 seconds to warm on the stove with barely any cleanup.  It’s also nice to have some of this frozen rice at the ready, too.

salmon salad1

salmon salad2


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