Book Review: Don’t You Cry

Quinn is a 20-something still trying to get her life together.  She hates her job but doesn’t know what else to do, she’s still getting drunk and bringing home strange men, and she subsists on frozen pizza because she doesn’t know how to cook a proper meal.  But when her roommate and best friend, Esther, is suddenly missing, Quinn develops a sense of purpose and starts working feverishly to find her.

Just as Esther goes missing in Chicago, a strange girl shows up in a small tourist town by Lake Michigan.  Local boy Alex is magnetized by her.  She is something good amid his dead-end diner job and pitifully alcoholic father.

As Quinn and Alex work to understand more about their friends, the behavior they uncover is increasingly strange and erratic.  They both begin to question if they are as good a judge of character as they believed.  They soon fear what will happen when the past finally catches up with the people they care about.

4 out of 5 stars.

don't you cry