PSA: The Flower District

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

One of the items on my Spring Checklist was to check out the flower district.  I didn’t come back with a bouquet since I wasn’t going straight home afterwards, but I did explore the space between 6th and 7th avenues on 28th Street and was filled with inspiration for future floral arrangements.

flower district3
Peonies are a favorite and are in season – if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely do better to buy them here instead of at the grocery store/flower shop in your neighborhood
flower district4
Love the idea of fruits and veggies in floral design

First thing to know is that this is an early morning activity.  The flower district opens up at 5:30 AM.  If you’re just a normal person, like me, you don’t need to get there that early (that’s just for the florists), but you’ll still need to set your alarm clock so you’re there between 8 and 8:30 AM.  Basically all the florists turn this block into the rainforest.  The sidewalk is jam-packed with more flowers than I knew existed.

I used my first trip to the flower district as a fact finding mission.  Since I’ll be getting married about this time a year from now, it was great to see what is in season (it’s always more cost efficient to decorate with seasonal blooms).  I wasn’t the only one with this idea.  I spied another bride with her parents, wedding planner, and clipboard, trying to get a feel of what her big day will look like.  I saw so many cool things, like the odd number called a porpoise pot in the above right pic.  One of the vendors let me keep this one since it had a broken stem.  It felt like a discovery.

I had no idea tulips could have frayed edges like those on the top left or look like cabbages like the ones in the above right.  I could definitely see these making their way into a wedding bouquet.  I loved seeing all this flora in the middle of hardened Midtown.  It was also nice strolling Manhattan with a latte before most of the city had woken up.