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Loopy Doopy

Loopy Doopy, the rooftop bar at the Conrad Hotel, has become a summertime rite of passage.  It’s too hard to pass up an opportunity to Instagram a pic of their signature prosecco popsicle cocktail.  This drink is a glass of champagne with a full-size People’s Pops popsicle  stuck right inside the glass.  That cocktail + a sunny day + the view from this rooftop = summertime.

loopy doopy4

The gorgeous Conrad Hotel

This drink is delicious, made even more so by my view of sailboats on the Hudson.  There are about six different popsicle combinations, and I tried the plum one with apricot and hibiscus.  It was fabulous.  It was also $22, which is why this it a fun experience to do once, post on social media, and then not necessarily do again (for a while at least).  You’ll also only need to have one because nobody needs to eat multiple large popsicles in a single sitting.

loopy doopy1loopy doopy2

The rooftop itself is pretty small, so you’ll need to get there early or on a weekday to get a spot.  Yes, it’s all the way downtown, but it’s worth it to go once in the summer.  I also plan to recreate this popsicle/prosecco delight on my own rooftop at a much cheaper price.  Who wants to come over?

loopy doopy3

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