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Bubby’s is famous around NYC when it comes to brunch.  I think that’s because for a long time it was the only cute place in the highly residential TriBeCa for a long time.  More restaurants have entered the neighborhood, but Bubby’s remains a favorite thanks to it’s consistently good comfort food and amazing drinks.

Let me start by saying those drinks are not even alcoholic.  Bubby’s make delicious lemonades and seasonal juices that are super refreshing.  They’re free for the taking if you’re waiting outside in the heat and can be used in any of their alcoholic cocktails.  Mimosas are good, but mimosas made with grapefruit lemondade or strawberry rhubarb or watermelon juice are better.


For entrées it’s always tempting to order the fried chicken.  But with two huge pieces of chicken, two biscuits, and cole slaw, it seemed a little aggressive when we had a lot to do that day.  Instead, I got the chicken burger, which was topped with oven roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, and avocado.  This may actually have been my first ever chicken burger, and it was delicious.  Turns out a patty made from ground chicken makes one heck of a sandwich.  Liz ordered the huevos rancheros and ate every bite so I’m thinking she liked it.  In fact, look around and you’ll notice everybody enjoying everything.


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