3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

After two weekends in a row with visitors, it was weird not to have anyone special in town.  That said, it was still a fun weekend that really felt like summer so I was very happy to be out and about.  This weekend, we’re back to having friends in town, and I’m very excited to see Jen and Avery on their annual mommy/daughter NYC trip.

3 on thurs1

I found these funky flowers at Trader Joe’s – it was nice to have something so different pretty-ing up the apartment.

3 on thurs2

A fun sign outside Ted’s, one of my favorite neighborhood spots.

3 on thurs3

This past weekend was NYC Pride.  After the tragedy that occurred at Pulse nightclub in Orlando less than 2 weeks prior, it was a particularly charged Pride weekend.  After nine years in the city, I finally saw some of the parade.  I wish I could have watched longer because it was a very cool experience, but unfortunately we had plans to be somewhere at around the same time.  We did, however, make sure to have a nice summer supper on the roof Sunday night where we could watch the Empire State Building illuminate in the colors of the rainbow flag for the occasion. 

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