Little Beet Table

I had tried Little Beet when it was near my old office and really enjoyed their healthy, seasonal concept.  When Brutus suggested meeting at their sit down restaurant, Little Beet Table, I was interested to see how they would translate the idea to a more formal experience.

Little Beet Table serves farm to table food with decor to match.  While they have individual tables, we were seated at one of their two long, communal tables.  Though communal, they didn’t squish the seats together (an important distinction) so we didn’t feel like we were eating with strangers.  The rustic vibe (wooden tables, planters on the wall, industrial pipe banisters) is well suited for the menu and super on-trend for NYC in general.

little beet table2

I wasn’t in the mood to drink, but I must say the cocktails looked quite tasty.  It’s probably better I didn’t have one…even without booze (which is typically what drives up a meal cost), the bill came to $60 per person (including tax and tip).  That seems a little steep for a Wednesday night.  It felt particularly pricey given the portion size.  Ok, so I recognize the portions they serve are more in line with what we should be eating, but it’s priced the same as other restaurants of the same caliber that offer larger plates.  Guess there’s a price to pay for clean eating.

For the food: we split a veggie (hen of the woods mushrooms with wilted pea greens) and then each got an entrée.  Brutus went with cod, while I went with the roasted corn and mahi mahi tacos.  I was a little nervous about the tacos, given that there was no cheese (what?!) and the tortillas [like the entire restaurant] were gluten free.  I’m so happy I got them anyway because they were delicious.

little beet table6


Because the food wasn’t heavy, Brutus and I each got our own dessert – something I rarely do.  After eating my tres leches cake with hibiscus sorbet, I felt satisfied but not overstuffed.  The cake was perfect.  Not soggy, with a nice dusting of cinnamon that helped incorporate the brighter, slightly tart flavor of the sorbet.

little beet table7

My qualms about the price/portion aside, the food was very good.   Judging by the number of tacos I saw coming out of the kitchen, it’s a star dish at the restaurant.  I’m not sure what everyone will do when it becomes unavailable next season – the blessing and curse of a farm to table restaurant that uses local, in-season ingredients.  I guess I’ll just have to take my chances!