3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

So this week is great because it’s a short one thanks to the Labor Day holiday.  Errbody loves a short week.  I jumped right in with a bday party for Rebekah on Tuesday and the rest of the week will be spent reading all the new books I recently bought and prepping for Lindsay’s bridal shower on Sunday.


I love this little station for the servers in the middle of the restaurant space in the new downtown Eataly.  Having Eataly attached to my office building is HUGE.  I love everything about it.


Cooking in the summertime is all about quick and easy no-cook food.  I love a good summer salad that allows super fresh veggies to be all the flavor you need.  Nobody wants to get the apartment all hot by turning on the oven.  I recently sliced up some Persian cucumbers and topped with pink Himalayan salt and crushed red pepper flakes.  I did it because I realized I forgot to pick up a veggie for supper, but really, an easy, chilled dish like this is exactly what I want in the Summer.


I got the Greaney sisters to come out to the UGA bar with me for our first game over the weekend – I even got them to wear red and black!  It was fun to bring some new friends into my Bulldawg world.

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