The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

It’s so easy to gorge yourself on dim sum in Chinatown, but try to leave a little room for dessert next time you go.  I had heard Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is the best place to get dessert in the area and certainly the best place to get ice cream.  But more and more I was hearing it was one of the best places to get ice cream in the whole city.  With fancy hipster ice cream spots popping up all over the place, that’s a bold claim so I had to see for myself.

chinatown ice cream2

Over Labor Day weekend I decided I was really craving dim sum so Albert, Gaines, and I hit up my favorite dim sum palace, Jing Fong.  When I realize it was literally around the corner from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, I began to eat strategically.  You know that Coco Chanel rule that says before you leave the house everyday you should take off one piece of jewelry?  That was my approach.  I ate one dish less than my dim sum limit to save room for ice cream.

It was worth it.

chinatown ice cream3

The shop is tiny and there are tons of flavors so I was a little overwhelmed in a small space.  They were great about letting people taste test, which is awesome because there are so many unique flavors.  After trying the pandan flavor (which I gather is some sort of leaf), that definitely made the cut.  It was fresh and tasted of sweet cream.  I also threw in a scoop of lychee rose.and loved that it tasted like a good lychee ‘tini.

There are some great toppings to be added, but I forgot and was just happy to have the complimentary pocky stick (I love me some pocky).  The store might be no frills, but the ice cream is top notch.  Just remember – cash only!

chinatown ice cream4