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Pineapple Coconut Banana Bread

When I found this recipe for pineapple coconut banana bread, I was conflicted.  It sounded so good (hello, those are the ingredients for a pina colada!) but I don’t usually like to bake.  Since it required so few ingredients and because I can steal bananas from my office, I decided to face my fears and give baking a try.



You honestly don’t need much more than this to make this banana bread

Bottom line: I followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfectly.  I made it Saturday morning and, like banana bread typically is, was best by Monday morning after it had a day or two to sit and let the flavors soak in and get all moist.  I’m sure y’all hate reading that word, but that’s what it is.  Moist and delicious.


I highly recommend giving this recipe a go.


It came out good enough that I brought it to the office on Monday to win my co-workers’ affection.


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