3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

With a wedding on Sunday night, I took Monday off work.  Technically, I didn’t really need to, but I had the days and a light workload so I took advantage of it.  It was wonderful!  At first I was angry with myself for not making full use of the gorgeous day (I mostly stayed inside, reading and catching up on tv), but then I realized that with all the running around for the wedding, I didn’t really get my lazy Sunday…so I had a lazy Monday!  It was lovely.  I ended the day by finally getting out of the house to go to the gym and do a much needed grocery run, and then had a fun FaceTime with my nephew, Brooks.  In just a few short weeks I can see his conversation skills have changed immensely.  He even recognized Albert much better than ever before, calling out “hi Albie!” when he was barely in the frame.

Though the wedding was certainly a highlight of the weekend (and I’m sure you’ll see pics soon), my favorite memory from this weekend was probably San Gennaro fest.  San Gennaro is one of my favorite NYC traditions and probably the best thing about Fall.  Enjoy this dedicated San Gennaro “3 on Thursday”!


While I like to eat the meal at a real restaurant, you have to have something from the street fair vendors at San Gennaro.  Some seafood from the Umbertos Clam House is a good start and zeppoles are a nice way to end the evening.  My favorite, however, are the stuffed artichokes.  Not all the vendors serve them, so Kathleen and I hunted it out.  Delicious.


San Gennaro is like a street fair on crack.  In addition to the standard food vendors you see at most NYC summer street fairs, they have a couple rides and carnival games.  The people watching is also stellar.  There are a lot of questionable folks and I love staring at them.


For the main meal, we chose La Mela (a portion of their wall of famous people, above).  While I firmly believe the best Italian food is not, in fact, in Little Italy, this one isn’t bad.  I also love that it’s the same restaurant my parents visited with friends a whopping 20 years ago.  It was nice to have a second generation go.  I believe they have an à la carte menu, but you’ve got to go family style here.   We enjoyed some thick tomato mozzarella, an antipasti platter with great grilled veggies, stuffed mushrooms, and fried cheese, and then a trio of very yummy pastas including baked gnocchi with fresh mozz and a tortellini in pink sauce with peas.  It was a TON of food for $28/person.

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