What’s Cookin?

Welcome to the first installment of “What’s Cookin?”, a monthly column that will essentially replace the old Monday Reads feature.  Here, I’ll let you know what’s been happening lately in each of the site’s main categories: Cooking/Restaurants/Bars (aka: Grub), Literature/Brain Food (aka: Food for Thought), and Fashion/Music/Health/Random Stuff (aka: Bits and Bites).  Here we go!

b bar
Heading into B Bar for an NYC Dawgs board dinner


  • Restaurants/Bars:
    • Shake Shack now offers an app that allows you to avoid the lines and order/pay for burgers, fries, and custards straight from your phone.  Simply pick your time slot and wait for the app to text you when your food is ready for pick up.  The app will also stream the Madison Square Park line and house the monthly custard calendar.  It’s currently only available at the Murray Hill location, which – whaddaya know! – is pretty much across the street from my apartment.  I’ve never noticed the lines at that location to be painfully long but not complaining about my burger fix getting even easier.
    • It’s been a month since I learned about the new Drunken Dumpling restaurant, but I still haven’t tried it.  It’s definitely on the list.
    • In other Asian restaurant news, I’ve still never been to Nom Wah Tea Parlor for cart-less dim sum.  I recognize that’s a travesty that needs to be rectified ASAP.
  • Cooking
    • With neither of us having a strong sweet tooth, there’s no way Albert and I can get through a whole pie…unless it’s savory like this onion pie, offered up in an obituary of sorts for Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor, a chef from my Lowcountry.
    • Chicken fingers can be so versatile.  I’m definitely considering making a batch and then eating them for days with this list of 8 ways to eat chicken fingers for dinner.  Talk about making an ingredient work for ya!
subway stairs
Subway stairs

Food for Thought

  • I love A Cup of Jo’s roundup of cool book covers.  Just as you eat with your eyes first, cover art plays a major role in choosing a book.
  • Between October and December, Penguin Random House is sending short stories straight to your inbox with The Season of Stories.  Every day, you’ll be emailed a piece of a short story.  The whole story is wrapped up at the end of the week and disappears forever.  You’ll get a new story the next week.  It’s such a nice change of pace from the spam I usually receive.
  • I’ve been working on journaling for the last year and a half and have become very interested in the recent bullet journal phenomenon.  I’m considering starting a bullet journal (loving this from Ink + Volt) when I run through the pages of my current notebook.  I’m pretty inspired by what you find when searching #bulletjournal on Instagram.

subway tile art

Subway tile art

Bits and Bites

  • I don’t know why I never really knew fur collars existed, but I may have to buy one.  It’s like a scarf but warmer and fancier.  After seeing one on a favorite fashion blogger, I’m on the hunt.
  • .I like the idea of using unexpected materials for table decor, like denim.  Can you imagine this paired with some bright mini pumpkins for a Fall tablescape?
  • Are you watching This Is Us?  If not, you need to start.  It’s currently my favorite show on tv.  Do yourself a favor and don’t do too much research because spoilers abound and you won’t want to ruin the surprise, hence why I’m not linking to anything here.  Just watch the first few episodes on demand and then tune in to NBC on Tuesdays.