3 on Thursday

Exactly one week since Thanksgiving and I’m still on a high.  Gosh, I love that holiday.  This year seemed to be an extra low key one.  When I got back to NYC I realized I pretty much never left my house the whole time I was in Savannah.  Part of me wishes I was a bit more active, but I loved being surrounded by family the whole time.


I took a year off, but this year I decided to do the Turkey Trot for the second time and convinced Albert to join me.  We snapped this pic just before the race, where I was clearly nervous.  It had been a long while since I’d done anything close to 4 miles.  I set a goal for myself of 36 minutes (aka: a 9 minute pace) and was thrilled to come in at 35:21 (aka: an 8:51 pace), placing 262 out of 1175.  Not too shabby!  It felt good to preemptively work off all that turkey!


Brooks loves loves loves playing with cars and trucks.  It was pretty much all any of us did all weekend.  Since we were just in Savannah 4 weeks prior, Brooks was more familiar with us and got comfortable much quicker.  It sounds cheesy, but it really warmed my heart!   This was also the first time he really pulled Albie in and asked him to play with him, which was nice to watch.


Hart is in town this week and we managed to find time to make our schedules jive.  We met for dinner at my favorite neighborhood spot, Ruby’s, and had a few hours to catch up over yummy food.

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