Pizza Beach

Yesterday marked exactly one year since Albert asked me to marry him.  That evening may just be the best in my life, filled with family, friends, and a very bright future.  The night we got engaged, we had dinner with our parents at Pizza Beach.  It would have been a perfect meal…except I was too shocked by the events that had just transpired to eat anything.  That’s why on Saturday (essentially the anniversary of our engagement) when we serendipitously found ourselves heading to a party two blocks away on the UES, we decided we needed to have dinner at Pizza Beach to commemorate the occasion.  This time, I didn’t want to miss out on the food.

pizza beach6

pizza beach5
Obligatory engagement anni photo opp with the ring clearly visible.  Please ignore my ugly Christmas sweater attire.

First of all, now that it’s cold out, I’m very happy to surround myself with beachy things.  It hasn’t yet made me completely forget about the freezing NYC weather, but it certainly helps.  That’s why the beach shack decor with white brick, strung lights, and surfboards made me happy.

pizza beach4

pizza beach8
It’s a little circus-like down by the bathroom, but I like it

I’m a big pizza girl so the food also made me happy.  We started with the burrata. (I’d like to say it’s because we were celebrating, but really it’s just because it’s burrata.  It was delicious as burrata always is, particularly when served with mini heirloom tomatoes.  We each got a pizza (Albert got the meatball; I got the mushroom stracciatella) and went to town.  The crust was a little thicker/doughier than I expected, making it more filling than I expected.  We would have been fine sharing one since we couldn’t finish what we ordered.  But if we had done that, we wouldn’t have been able to try as much, and that would have been a shame.

pizza beach2
Albert liked the bread a lot; I thought it could have been toasted a bit more…but really, I don’t care about bread and just want that cheese + tomato.

The meatball pizza was basically a margherita with mini meatballs on top.  The quality of the mozz was good.  Only downside was that the meatballs were spread out so we had to cut them in half ourselves to disperse them properly.  My mushroom and stracciatella pizza was great.  It was a white pizza and definitely on the rich side, but the woodsy mushrooms and creamy marscapone worked well together.

pizza beach7

pizza beach1

I’d love to go back and try the brussels sprout and pancetta pizza because I think the veggie would stand up nicely to the rich cheese.  I have a feeling I’ll be back to try it, especially because this is a great group dining spot.  Only downside: for a more casual restaurant, the drinks were just a smidge pricey.  All glasses of wine were $13…I can’t get a $10 glass of vino up in here?!